Terms of Service

1. Sesderma (hereinafter referred to as the "Sesderma") provides the Sesderma online shopping service (hereinafter referred to as the "Service") in accordance with these Terms of Service. When a member completes the membership registration procedure for this service or starts using this service, it means that he has read, understood and agreed to accept all the contents of these terms of service, and fully accepts the existing and future derived service items and contents of this service. The Company has the right to modify or change the contents of these Terms of Service at any time. The revised Terms of Service will be published on the website. The Company will not notify members individually and members are advised to pay attention to such modifications or changes at any time. When a member continues to use this service after any modification or change, the member is deemed to have read, understood and agreed to accept such modification or change. If you do not agree to the above modification or update of the Terms of Service, or do not accept any other agreement of these Terms of Service, the member should immediately stop using the Service.

2. If the member is a minor under the age of twenty, the member's parent (or guardian) must read, understand and agree to all the contents of this agreement and subsequent modifications and changes before registering as a member, using or Continue to use this service. When a member uses or continues to use this service, it is presumed that the member's parent (or guardian) has read, understood and agreed to accept all the contents of this agreement and its subsequent modifications.

3. Both the member and the company agree that all contents of the use of this service, including expressions of intention, etc., shall be expressed in electronic documents.

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