Return and exchange policy

If you need to return or exchange the goods within [seven days] after receiving the goods, please email us to the customer service mailbox, or use the order contact message to leave us a message

In accordance with the provisions of the Consumer Protection Law, online shopping consumers are entitled to a 7-day appreciation period (the appreciation period is not a trial period, etc.). Since all products in the store are personal hygiene products, the 7-day appreciation period is not applicable once they are opened and used. Returns or exchanges are not possible. Please contact us and provide photos before returning the product, and we will assist you with the return process.

Appreciation period

  • In accordance with the provisions of the Consumer Protection Law, Sestema will provide you with the right to cancel the contract and return the goods at any time during the seven-day waiting period after the goods arrive.
  • The appreciation period is not a trial period, and returns will not be accepted for items that exceed the appreciation period.
  • This rule does not apply to spot commodities.

Remind you

Returned items must be in brand new condition and unused with intact packaging, otherwise returns or exchanges will not be accepted.

Returns will not be accepted if the product is faulty, damaged, worn, abraded, scratched, dirty, has incomplete packaging due to human factors caused by improper use and disassembly by the consumer, or if the accessories and gifts are missing.

You can return the goods unconditionally as long as you meet one of the following conditions:

  • The actual product received does not match the product ordered
  • The accessories in the product package are incomplete or the product specifications do not match the outer packaging instructions.
  • The product is defective or has been significantly damaged during shipping.

1. Pop-up events, special discount packages, and additional purchases are all special offers and are only for returns and not exchanges. (The calculation method is based on the original price):
2. Please check the product immediately when you receive it. If you find that the product item is incorrect or defective, please take a photo immediately to save the certificate and contact us using the order notes. FB editor can also make replacements. The processing of defective goods is limited to [10 days] If submitted within 】, no purchase invoice or overdue purchase will not be processed.
3. If there are multiple return records due to personal factors, in order to safeguard the rights and interests of both parties and avoid excessive waste of resources, we will refuse to accept re-orders.
4. Returns and exchanges are only available to customers who purchased from [this official website], and customers who have ordered purchase records are required to provide an invoice for return.

※Returns and exchanges due to personal reasons require customers to send the products back to the company by China Post or use convenience stores to store. The company will bear the return mailing costs. If they are unwilling to send it back, they will not be able to handle the subsequent related processes. , please forgive me.

※Purchasing products constitutes consent to our return and exchange procedures.
※Calculation of the 7-day appreciation period: from the day the consumer signs for the receipt to the seventh day (including holidays)

Refund processing process

Pay by card:

After returning the returned goods and checking that there are no problems, the refund will be completed within 7 to 14 working days (excluding holidays). However, due to the different checkout dates of each card bank, please contact you for the actual credit. 's bank.

payment method:

Currently, there are two methods: "online credit card payment" and "cash on delivery".

Online card swiping:

Go to the order processing system, confirm that the content of your order is correct, click "Select Payment Method", then select "Swipe Card Online", and then follow the steps to fill in the information. When you fill in credit card related information on the checkout page, please be sure to fill in the correct information in detail to facilitate the bank's review of the credit card information. The data transmission of online card swiping is encrypted by SSL certificate, which effectively protects the security of your data.

Shipping instructions:

When your credit card information is verified, the transaction will complete the payment process. We will deliver the goods to your designated recipient within 3-7 working days (excluding weekends and national holidays) after the payment is completed. Address, in order to protect the integrity of the goods, we will properly package the goods you ordered. After receiving the goods, please unpack and inspect immediately to confirm that the packaging of the goods is complete. Currently, the official website provides shipping services to Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Malaysia. Except for Taiwan, shipping costs for other countries are calculated separately.

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