With the belief of "listening to the voice of the skin", Sesderma has been committed to providing a full range of skin care products for many years to solve various skin problems. With professional knowledge and clinical experience as the background, it uses various methods to actively take care of you. skin needs.

Originated from Valencia, Spain in 1989, it was founded by a group of dermatologists led by dermatologist Dr. Gabriel Serrano. With a professional research team and laboratory, we uphold empathy and care for patients with skin diseases, use innovative technology and formulas to solve patients' skin problems, and develop products suitable for skin, becoming the authority of professional medical beauty brands in Spain and Europe . Sesderma laboratory has developed multiple series of products, including skin treatment, body care, nutritional care, baby skin care and facial care, and continues to develop new products for different skin problems.

Dermatologist and founder


「Doctor, does my skin need to be treated with medication for life?」


Dr. Gabriel Serrano has been a dermatologist since 1976. He has two dermatology clinics named after him in Valencia and Seville and is the founder of the Sesderma and Mediderma laboratories.

Dr. Gabriel Serrano started his career at the University General Hospital of Valencia as a resident physician and dermatologist and continued as Chief Consultant in the Department of Dermatology, where he worked for more than 10 years.

Dr. Gabriel Serrano's main goal today is to expand Sesderma and Mediderma internationally, now operating in more than 70 countries. The PhD conducts courses and seminars around the world and also participates in major conferences around the world.

When he is in Valencia, he often stays at his dermatology clinic for consultations, following his true passion for working with patients.


Who doesn’t dream can’t fly

- Brand Mission-

Our laboratory is inspired by the values ​​professed by Dr. Gabriel Serrano: expertise, generosity and humanity. The entire company culture embodies these principles: its approachability, empathy and listening skills set us apart from the competition.

Additionally, throughout the company's development, there has always been a connection to nature. This connection goes beyond the product itself. Based on the active ingredients present in our environment and reflected through our logo: the butterfly.

Dr. Gabriel Serrano is a butterfly lover, a symbol that has different meanings for Sesderma. The butterfly's journey across the Atlantic Ocean is like the journey that Dr. Gabriel Serrano took from Colombia to the city of Valencia and founded Sesderma. Interestingly, this Latin American country happens to have the largest number of butterfly species in the world.

Butterflies also symbolize change, beauty, sensitivity and magic, and these meanings are also present in Sesderma products. Sesderma emerges like a butterfly from its cocoon, built in an effort to overcome all obstacles.

30 years of innovation and expansion




The parent company - Sesderma Group opened its new headquarters in Puzol, Valencia in September 2018, which allows us to bring all facilities under one roof to resume our growth process and commitment to innovation.


Design and energy efficiency

The façade is considered the second skin of the building and has many small holes to regulate the flow of sunlight inside the offices. The concept of using skin, coupled with innovative technologies, is a characteristic of Sesderma and is the basis of architectural design.

Light plays an important role here, through its smooth glass facade, helping to create pleasant and comfortable work areas while enabling an energy-efficient building.

Continuous progress

Sesderma products are available in more than 70 countries. The group has more than 21 branches around the world. In other countries, the company deals with leading local market dealers.
From its origins as a local laboratory in Spain in 1989 to the multinational company it is today, its global operations include:

United States and Latin America

Colombia, United States, Mexico, Brazil, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Panama, Peru, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Bolivia, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Honduras, Paraguay, Canada

European region

Spain, Portugal, Poland, Italy, Kingdom of Manchester United, Russia, France, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Norway, Finland, Slovenia, Greece, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Serbia, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Romania, Ukraine, Belarus, Switzerland, Austria, Moldavia, Hungary

Middle East and Africa

Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Kuwait, Jordan, Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Turkey, Oman, Yemen


Australia, India, Taiwan, Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, China, South Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong

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